URL Opener

is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox

Open Numerous URLs At Once With Single Click

Introducing the innovative URL Opener, a smart solution for SEO experts, researchers, and list builders. This user-friendly extension simplifies tasks by opening multiple URLs at once, eliminating copying and pasting. Moreover, all you have to do is paste your URLs, click, and watch the magic. With the URL Opener extension, managing websites is effortless. Bid farewell to tab overload and access unlimited URLs simultaneously. Streamline tasks, centralize work, and boost productivity seamlessly. Furthermore, it lets you experience seamless efficiency with the user-friendly Multiple URL Opener. Whether in research or list compiling, this extension optimizes your workflow, enhancing productivity effortlessly. Elevate your work experience with the URL Opener. Now, say goodbye to the tedious and time-taking process of opening URLs. And embrace efficient management of numerous URLs to unlock boundless potential and a smarter way of working.

How to use the URL Opener Extension?

There is little to understand about using the URL Opener Extension. Furthermore, by virtue of the name, the optimization of this free web tool is straightforward. By adding this extension to your browser, several professionals like researchers, content writers, data analysts, and SEO experts can significantly benefit from it. You may also learn about the URL Opener extension's download requirements and installation procedure by following the below steps.

Install the Extension
Pin it to the Toolbar
Launch it

Who can use the URL Opener?

There's no boundation as the URL Opener is accessible and free for all. However, a few professionals in different industries must use this tool to ease access and management and boost productivity.

SEO Analysts
Data Researchers
Content Writers/ Creators

Assistive Attributes of URL Opener

To know this simple yet extensive helpful tool, you must go through this section covering the feature of URL Opener Extension.

Open Links
Get List Of Currently Open Tabs
Open Links In New Window
Clear, Edit, and Delete Lists

URL Opener

Enter urls, one per line or separated by commas or separated by space in the below text area. It will open all the given URLs in just a click.

Disclaimer:The extension is free to use and doesn’t require any user to create an account or register with it. Furthermore, for extensive use, every user has to “Allow” the extension popup to perform the requested command.

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