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Best Free Multiple URLs Opener to Save Time in 2023

Bulk URL Opener

The URL Opener is a tool that is extremely helpful for those who work with links and have to open them simultaneously. Furthermore, this productivity-boosting tool can effectively help those who need to access several sites on a regular basis. Professionals like web developers, digital marketers, SEO analysts, and content writers always work with a cluster of links, and they need to open those URLs at once to continue their work.

A free bulk URL opener can assist users in quickly visiting all the links and sites they have stored simultaneously. Furthermore, they don’t need to visit them by manually opening each one in a new tab or window. Therefore, doing the job in seconds can save you time and extra effort. 

Best URL Opener Tools in 2023

There are hundreds of multiple URL opener extensions that you can try. However, the following is a list of some of the best and free tools that are completely performance-oriented. Therefore, if you also want a browser extension or an online tool with URL opener features, refer to the below. Choose the one that is perfect for your systems and functions perfectly with you.

1. Bulk URL Opener:

Bulk URL Opener is a user-friendly extension that lets you open multiple links at once. You can paste up to 100 links at a time and open them in separate tabs. Furthermore, you can open those tabs in different windows as well. The add-on is available for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser. 

2. URL Opener:

By virtue of the name, you can assume that URL Opener is an online tool for opening multiple URLs at once. Therefore, paste your links into the tool, and it will open them in separate tabs and windows for you. Additionally, with its function of “Get List of All Open URLs,” you can get a rundown of all the currently opened tabs 

3. Hootsuite:

A well-liked social media management tool Hootsuite also has a URL opener feature. You can use it to open multiple tabs at once. Furthermore, users can save and organize links and manage their bookmarks by downloading this on their systems. 

4. Multi URL Opener:

Another online plugin that can open multiple links at once is Multi URL Opener. Simply paste your links into the tool, and it will open them in new tabs for you. Furthermore, this extension can open up to 100 links simultaneously. 

5. URLitor:

Using the web application URLitor, you can open links in bulk and verify their validity. Furthermore, the extension allows you to paste up to 100 links, and it will open each one in a new tab for you. Moreover, it uses xPath, a language for scanning an XML document, to scrape web pages and extract data. You can get it from the Chrome Web Store. 

6. Multiple URL Opener:

Multiple URL Opener is a user-friendly tool that enables you to open a bunch of links in separate tabs. You can paste your links into the tool, and it will automatically open them for you. Additionally, it offers complete privacy and doesn’t store any links. Plus, it has a feature where you can also open the URLs in different windows.  

How Does Using a URL Opener Extension Help?

Here are the advantages that you will get from using a multiple-link opener tool. With these benefits, you’ll be properly convinced to use the tool and how it can help you with your work. 

1. Time-saving: Depending on the number of links you need to open, a multi-URL opener will allow you to open all your URLs at once, saving you minutes or even hours of time.

2. Convenience: Opening many links simultaneously is made simple and effective by using a tool that opens numerous URLs. You don't have to individually click on each link or manually copy and paste each one into your browser. 

3. Organization: There are also capabilities for organizing and saving your links in several URL opener programs. For instance, you can manage your links into multiple categories for faster access or keep a list of links for later use. 

4. Enhanced Productivity: By streamlining your work processes, you can increase your productivity by employing such browser tools. By opening all your connections at once, you can work more productively and efficiently while having more time for other important chores.

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