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How to Open Multiple Urls from One Link

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Our working generation has to face a lot of challenges and glitches on a daily basis in their workspace. And this gives rise to a smart approach to make things easily done on the work front. The smart approach that we are talking about here is none other than a Bulk URL Opener Extension. That assists you while working in today's fast-paced digital world. The fact is opening multiple URLs individually can be time-consuming and tedious. Moreover, the Multiple URL Opener extension is a user-friendly solution for you. 

If you indulge in a work field like content development, SEO analysis, researching, or data analyzing? Then, using this web application is highly recommended as it allows you to open multiple URLs. The best part is that it lets you open links simultaneously with just a few clicks. Hence, it definitely increases productivity and efficiency of your work at your workplace. Remember, this extension specifically aims to streamline your web browsing experience. Along with assistance in simplifying the process of accessing numerous websites. Furthermore, you must review the information below if you want this Multi URL Opener on your system. Hence, you can open multiple URLs from one link called Bulk URL Opener.  

Open Multiple URLs via Bulk URL Opener Extension 

1. Install the Extension 

Begin by downloading and installing the Bulk URL Opener extension. Alternatively, the users can click on the link provided to directly install the extension. But, you must have a suitable web browser, either its Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. And remember, you will find this extension compatible with devices like Linux, Windows, and Apple's iOS. 

2. Pin the Extension 

After installing the extension, pin it to your browser's toolbar for easy access. If you can't locate the Bulk URL Opener icon, then click on the puzzle icon. Which you can easily find it displayed in the right corner of the taskbar to find and pin the extension.

3. Launch the Extension 

Open the Multiple URLOpener by clicking on the extension icon in your browser's toolbar. Next, you will see an “Insert URL” box, where you need to enter the URLs you want to open. Remember, there are two ways to enter the URLs, first type the URLs manually and second, copy and paste the URLs. Ensure to separate each URL by a line break, comma, or space. At the end, click on the “OPEN ALL LINKS" button after entering the URLs. 

4. Simultaneously Open URLs 

Wait for a few seconds, and the Multiple URLOpener will open all the entered URLs simultaneously in new tabs. Consequently, it saves you from the hassle of manually opening each URL in a separate tab, enhancing your browsing efficiency.

Where Does Using Bulk URL Opener Work Best?  

The Multiple URL Opener extension is a valuable tool for various professionals, including:

1. SEO: SEO experts and webmasters often need to analyze multiple websites simultaneously. The Bulk URL Opener allows them to quickly open and compare different URLs, improving their SEO strategies and website management.

2. Researchers: Researchers conducting extensive web data analysis and collecting information from multiple sources can use the Multiple URLOpener to open and access various URLs in a single click. This saves time and simplifies the research process.

3. Content Creating: Content creators and writers often require extensive research to gather relevant data and references for their work. With the Multiple URLOpener, they can open multiple URLs related to their topic of interest, streamline their research process, and ensure the accuracy and uniqueness of their content.

Features of the Multiple URL Opener

1. Open Links Simultaneously: The Multiple URLOpener allows you to open all the entered URLs simultaneously, saving you time and effort.

2. Don’t Need Scheme Links: You can input URLs without the protocol portion (e.g., HTTP://), and the extension will automatically add it. This feature simplifies the process and ensures all URLs are opened correctly.

3. Opens URLs in New Tabs: The extension opens each URL in a new tab within your current browser window, allowing for easy navigation and comparison between different websites.

4. No Sign-Up Needed: The Bulk URL Opener extension does not require any sign-up or account creation. Next, you need to install and use the extension to check whether it's working properly or not. 

5. Privacy & Security: From the perspective of security and privacy the URLOpener extension does not store URLs of its users. You can confidently use the extension, knowing your information is protected.


The Multiple URL Opener Extension is valuable for professionals who regularly work with multiple websites and URLs. Simplifying the process of opening multiple URLs simultaneously enhances productivity and efficiency. Whether you're an SEO specialist, content writer, researcher, or data analyst, the Multiple URLOpener can streamline your web browsing experience and save you valuable time. Install the extension today and enjoy the convenience of accessing multiple URLs with just a few clicks.

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