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What are the Best Chrome Extensions to Open Multiple URLs at Once

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Having a compatible Bulk URL Opener on your system is important in today's work-driven era. Having a Multiple URL Opener or Bulk URL Opener extension installed on the system helps you in opening multiple links on the same page while working. Consequently, it helps in saving your time from opening every single link in a new tab by right-clicking on it. Moreover, installing the Multiple URL Opener or Bulk URL Opener extension lets you open multiple URLs together at once. 

But also let you restore a set of links or copy or bookmark multiple links on your system. Furthermore, to get this resolution on your system, still decide what you should choose. You can dig deep down, where you can find six free Chrome extensions to open multiple links together or at once. So without delaying anymore, let's check each extension one by one.    


1. Linkclump

The first we have on the list is “Linkclump,” which is a freely accessible Google Chrome extension. When it comes to its working efficiency, you can use it by selecting multiple links and then clicking, dragging, and opening them in different tabs. Moreover, it’s a user-friendly Chrome extension that lets you open multiple tabs from a single web page. 

To accelerate its service, install this Linkclump extension and right-click on the web page with multiple links to select them. After selecting those links, leave the mouse button to redirect all the links inside the selection bar. It even allows its users to copy these links to the clipboard or save them as bookmarks. It makes a smart selection of links and automatically blocks repeated links in the selection. 

2. Linky

The second on the list is the “Linky” bulk URL opener extension, which is a free Chrome extension. Using this extension performs the same, which is regarding opening multiple links together simultaneously. And to employ it on your system, install the Linky URL Opener extension on your Google Chrome browser. After the installation, it will show you a notification on your screen regarding the extension’s quick access icon next to your browser's address bar. Further, you only need to select the particular section of the web page containing multiple links. And then, click on the icon so that Linky can open all the selected links together in separate tabs.

3. URL Opener 

Last but not least is “URL Opener,” which is also free and helps combine all the open tabs in one place. So you can easily open them wherever you want to manage all your open tabs in a better way. Moreover, installing the Multiple URL Opener or Bulk URL Opener Extension is one of the smartest ways to work on your system. Adding this extension to your web browser will work best for you if you belong to a number of professions. And these are researching, content writing, data analysis, and Search Engine Optimization(SEO). Furthermore, it is compatible with web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browser. 

4. Open Selected Links via Context Menu

The third one is the “Open Selected Links via Context Menu,” which is another free Google Chrome extension. Using this extension lets you open multiple links on a web page in different browser tabs. The best part is this “Open Selected Links via Context Menu” extension is fast and furious when it comes to opening multiple tabs at once. And to make it work on your system, you need to install it to your Google Chrome browser. And whenever you want to use it, visit a web page containing multiple links, then select a particular part of the page and right-click over it. Thus, it can show you a notification with a context menu option saying, “Open selected links in new tabs.” You need to click on this option to open all the links in separate tabs instantly.

5. Grab y’all links

Besides Multiple URL Opener, another is “Grab y’all links,” a free Google Chrome extension. Unsurprisingly, using this extension lets you open multiple URLs within a single click. And to make it function, paste the list of URLs that you want to open. So the “Grab y’all links” extension will open them within a single go. Moreover, using this extension even lets you restore a browsing session. And to do so, it produces a list of page titles and all the open tab URLs. All you have to do is to copy these URLs and keep them in your mail or any other suitable place. Further, you can access these URLs from the system and then paste them to Grab y’all links. So that the browser can restore all the tabs on which you were working.

6. .Multilink

The fifth one to unload your work is “Multilink,” a free Google Chrome extension. And similarly, like others, it also facilitates its users to open multiple links in one single go. Installing the extension helps to open multiple links that the user has pasted in the space provided by the extension. Moreover, after the installation, it will show you a notification containing an extension icon next to your browser's address bar. Besides, clicking on the icon will drop a window asking you to paste all the links that you want to open. Further, you must paste the links there and click the “Open” button to complete the process. Consequently, the Multilink will start opening all the links in separate tabs of your browser simultaneously.

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